Our Story

After finishing her residency and fellowship in ophthalmology, Dr. Xu worked for other practices for five years. During this time, she honed her skills and gained valuable experience in patient care, surgical techniques, and the business side of medicine.

It was during this time that one of her mentors, Dr Denise Sanfilippo, approached her with an exciting opportunity. Dr Sanfilippo had built up a boutique ophthalmology practice over many years, was preparing to retire and was looking for someone to take over her practice.

Dr. Xu saw this as the perfect opportunity to start her own medical practice and build on the foundation laid by her mentor. She saw the potential to create a practice that could provide exceptional care to patients while also being a supportive and nurturing workplace for her team.

And so, Dr. Xu took the leap and founded her own medical practice. She brought her expertise, passion, and commitment to excellence to the practice, building on the legacy of her mentor and creating a bright future for her patients and team. Today, she is proud to serve the Staten Island community and continue to make a difference in the lives of those she helps.

About Dr Xu

Dr. Xu completed her medical education at the prestigious Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons. During her time at Columbia, she received multiple awards in research, demonstrating her dedication to advancing the field of ophthalmology.

After completing medical school, Dr. Xu received her residency training at the renowned New York Eye and Ear Infirmary of Mount Sinai, where she distinguished herself in research. She then went on to complete a fellowship at the Columbia University Edward S. Harkness Eye Institute, further honing her expertise in ophthalmology.

At our practice, Dr. Xu utilizes the most advanced technology to provide our patients with the highest level of care. However, she also understands the importance of personal connection and takes the time to get to know each patient individually.

Outside of her work in ophthalmology, Dr. Xu is a proud mother of two and a cycling enthusiast. She enjoys traveling and swing dancing. She believes that a balanced life is essential to providing excellent care to her patients.

Thank you for considering our practice for your ophthalmology needs. We look forward to providing you with exceptional care and a personalized experience.

New York Magazine
2023 Award

Dr Xu Was Nominated By Her Peers As a Rising Star In Ophthalmology By Castle Connolly Top Doctors 2021

It is an honor awarded to fewer than 10% of board-certified physicians.


Women in Ophthalmology Meeting

Dr. Xu spoke about her research in Age-related macula degeneration.

Dr. Xu Explains How Seniors Can Protect Their Eyes From Diabetic Retinopathy And Glaucoma For The Westchester Senior Voice.

2023 Award

Only about 7 percent of the nation's licensed physicians are selected annually as Castle Connolly Top Doctors in their regions for their specialties. These doctors are nominated by their peers and thoroughly validated by Castle Connolly's research team to ensure that they deliver the highest quality patient care.

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